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Ready for test?

Answer the following questions:

1. Do you feel confident in performing each of the manoeuvers without assistance from your instructor?

2. Can you drive in busy traffic without your instructor needing to use the dual controls?

3. Can you deal with tricky situations like busy meeting situations without prompting from your instructor?

4. Do you feel in control when you are expected to drive at speeds over 50mph?

5. Would you feel confident to drive across town, following signs or directions or navigating for yourself, without your instructor next to you?

6. Do you feel confident about turning right at traffic lights and cross-roads?

7. Do you see and obey the speed limits without your instructor ever needing to remind you about the speed limits?

8. Do you feel confident at judging when it is safe to go at busy roundabouts and complex junctions?

9. Have you completed a mock test with no serious driving faults?

10. Okay, so you have answered no to some of the questions, therefore you are not quite ready yet to sit your driving test. Discuss your answers with your instructor and make a forward plan to help you progress.

20. Great! you are ready to take your test. Discuss with your instructor his availability for test and make sure you use his ADI number when you book your test.

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